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Armament Systems Test Set

  • A rugged portable tester for Hellfire platforms and launchers
  • Flight-line fire control system test on the AH-64A and OH-58D (AN/TSM-205), and on the AH-64D, WAH-64, SH-60, Tiger and other M299 platform (AN/TSM-205A/B)
  • Flight-line stand-alone test on the M272, M279, M299, M310, and HSRL launchers
  • Full parametric test with diagnostics to the LRU level
  • Interactive missile simulation with fault injection for platform integration (AN/TSM-205A/B)


The AN/TSM-205 and AN/TSM-205A/B are state-of-the-art portable test sets for the Hellfire and Longbow systems, combining the capabilities of an I-Level test set in a compact, rugged, flight-line qualified enclosure. The AN/TSM-205/205A/205B perform parametric functional test on the integrated Hellfire and Longbow systems as installed on the aircraft and test the entire fire control system from the cockpit switches to the launch rails. The AN/TSM-205 is also capable of performing a full functional, parametric test on the M272 and M279 launchers as well as on the launchers’ electronic assembly (ECSP). The AN/TSM-205A and AN/TSM-205B are also capable of performing a full functional, parametric test on the M310, M299, and HSRL launchers as well as on the launchers’ electronic assembly (LEA). When performing an integrated fire control system test, the AN/TSM-205/205A/205B provide troubleshooting to the faulty LRU or wiring harness. On M299 and HSRL systems, all rails are tested simultaneously, reducing test time and providing for a true cross-fire and stray voltage test capabilities. When testing the launchers, the AN/TSM-205/205A/205B provide troubleshooting to the LEA/ECSP/REU or wiring harness levels.

Additional Features

The AN/TSM-205A and AN/TSM-205B also include powerful Hellfire Missile simulators (MT3045) that can be used in conjunction with the test set or as stand-alone Hellfire missile simulators or pre-load testers. Also available is the MT1888 Advanced Laser Source Simulator that can simulate targets for the Hellfire and Hellfire II missiles. The MT1888 supports all NATO PRF codes and is fully compatible with Hellfire and Hellfire II missiles.

Operational Environments Requirements

The rugged construction of the AN/TSM-205/205A/205B means that they can operate anywhere in the world, from scorching deserts to frozen plains. The AN/TSM-205/205A/205B meet or exceed the environmental specifications of any test set in use by the military today. The AN/TSM-205/205A/205B are currently deployed worldwide on multiple Hellfire platforms.

Maintenance and Support

The AN/TSM-205/205A/205B modular design and construction provide for simplified maintenance and reduced logistics. Available spare parts kit supports in-country maintenance using the integrated self-test adapter that provides troubleshooting to the CCA level. The high MTBF and low MTTR guarantee minimal down-time and continuous trouble-free use in the harshest operational environments.