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TTL I/O Module for GT5xxx Cards

  • TTL Applications
  • Configurable to 8, 16, and 32 channels
  • Software Controlled Signal Terminations
  • For use with GT5xxx boards


The GT5910 TTL I/O Module is the typical I/O stage utilized with the GT5150 product. The GT5910 interfaces to the GT5150 and can be configured as Input or Output in groups of 8 I/O pins. Additionally, the GT5910 has on-board terminators that are software controlled (On/Off).


The GT5910 employs 2 double-density FCT166245ET transceivers to provide up to 32 channels of bi-directional TTL level I/O. The module supports configurations of 8, 16, and 32 bi-directional channels. On-board register/MUX logic controls the path of data in both input and output modes of operation and determines the output state after a sequencer HALT. SIP sockets provide the optional installation of terminators, 180/390 Ω resistor networks are factory installed.


The GT5910 Module is controlled by its host, the GT5150, and provides the following programmable functions:
  • Global Output Reset
  • Tri-state Output on sequencer HALT
  • Hold Last Value output on sequencer HALT
  • Termination Enable/Disable
  • Individual byte enable (4)


  • Default GT5150 I/O module
  • TTL applications
  • Custom terminations