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100 MHz I/O Module for GT515X & GT5900

  • Increase test rate to 100 MHz
  • Input or output data
  • Software selectable termination
  • For use with GT5150 or GT5900


The GT5920 100MHz frequency multiplier module increases the upper test rate limit to 100 MHz. The increase in test rate is achieved by interleaving a single I/O pin into two parallel memory locations. The GT5920 provides 16 Input or Output pins (in groups of 8 pins). The GT5920 is a GT5150 and GT5900 plug-in unit.


The GT5920 frequency multiplier module converts the 32, 50 MHz I/O channels into 16, 100 MHz I/O channels. The memory MUX/interleave logic is designed into a single high-speed programmable logic device, thereby minimizing propagation delays. Concurrent high and low word memory locations are interleaved using opposite phases of the programmable output clock. Each I/O pin has a corresponding termination that can be globally enabled or disabled through software control.


The GT5920 Module is controlled via the host GT5150 or GT5900. Programmable functions include:
  • Signal termination enable/disable
  • I/O data direction
  • Tri-state control


  • Up to 100 MHz test rate applications
  • Hard drive testing
  • IC testing
  • Bus emulation