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PECL I/O Modules for GT515x Cards

  • PECL to TTL and TTL to PECL
  • PECL to TTL clock input
  • Optional module termination
  • For use with GT5150 or GT5900


The GT5940 PECL I/O module provides a bi-directional interface for PECL applications. The GT5940 is a plug-in module mounted onto the GT5150 or the GT5900. In addition to the 32 I/O channels, the GT5940 provides a conversion channel for a PECL external clock signal.


The GT5940 PECL translation module employs eight MC10H350 differential level converters to provide translation from PECL to TTL levels. Eight MC10H351 differential level shifters provide translation from TTL to PECL levels. SIP sockets allow users to install PECL terminators specific to their application.


The GT5940 module's data directional control is determined by the host system software.


  • PECL to TTL conversion
  • TTL to PECL conversion