Hellfire Platform Simulator

  • Simulates a Hellfire launcher controlled by a platform (fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft or RPA)
  • Interfaces with Hellfire missile shotgun connector
  • Portable, self-contained and housed in a rugged, wheeled case
  • Includes all required cabling for connectivity between system components
  • Capable of operation in laboratory and flightline environments
  • Supports all Hellfire II variants
  • Optional support for Longbow Hellfire (AGM-114L)


The MTS-8110 Hellfire Platform Simulator is designed to simulate the operation of a platform (rotary or fixed-wing aircraft, or remotely piloted aircraft) controlling a Hellfire II missile through an M299-compatible Hellfire launcher. Portable, self-contained, and housed in a rugged enclosure for easy transportability, the MTS-8110 is ideal for lab environments, system integration facilities, and field use, allowing developers of Hellfire and similar systems to complete most of the system’s design, test, and verification even without access to the aircraft.

The emulation of the platform control over the Hellfire system simplifies the integration of new weapon systems, and facilitates test and integration activities without the need for a platform, SIL, or M299 launcher. These capabilities represent substantial cost and time savings, and reduce program risk for these mission-critical systems.

MTS-8110 Architecture and Components:

  • Rugged, transportable case provides storage for all subassemblies and provided interface cables
  • Control Unit – Ruggedized laptop computer
  • Laptop may be removed from the case for use, or connected while still in the case
  • Software – ATEasy® test development and test executive suite
  • 1760 Unit – Provides  support for  all required MIL-STD-1760 signals
  • Cable - 10' cable for the MIL-STD-1760 signals
  • Rail Electronics Unit (REU)  -  Provides Hellfire launcher emulation

1760 Unit Front Panel
1760 Unit Front Panel

Hellfire Platform Simulator GUI
Hellfire Platform Simulator GUI