MXIe-Express Series

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PXI Express Bus Expander

  • Supports remote control of PXI-Express and CompactPCIExpress chassis
  • Transparent PCI - Express bridge operation
  • Available in x1 or x4 PCI-Express lane configurations
  • 192 or 798 MB/s data rate
  • Control one or two PXI-Express chassis with a single PCI Express interface card
  • Cabling up to 7 meters
  • Rugged connectivity


The MXIe PXI-Express Bus Expander allows for direct control of PXI-Express systems from any PCI Express slot in a desktop computer or server. MXIe-Express configurations are available for supporting both the x1 and x4 PCI-Express lane configurations. Either lane configuration can remotely control one or two PXIExpress chassis. The MXIe-Express technology utilizes a high bandwidth link that is transparent to software applications and drivers, providing the ability to use high performance desktop computers or servers to control PXI-Express systems.


Since PXI-Express is based on the industry-standard PCI-Express bus, the MXIe-Express Bus Expanders provide a transparent link where all PXI and PXI-Express modules appear to the user as if they were PCI or PCI-Express boards within the computer itself. However, with PXI technology, users benefit from an increased number of slots, power and cooling per slot, module selection, and synchronization features. The MXIe-Express employs a high speed serial link to control the PXI-Express chassis. Interfacing cables for the MXIe-Express are available in 1, 3 and 7 meter lengths for the x1 interface and 3 and 7 meter lengths for the x4 interface.

The MXIe-Express is available in several configurations. A x1 lane configuration supports a sustained data throughput rate of 192 MB/s and the x4 lane configuration supports a sustained data throughput rate of 798 MB/s. Optionally, the x1 and x4 configurations can control two PXI-Express chassis by utilizing a two-port, PCI-Express interface card. The basic MXIe-Express kit consists of a single port PCI-Express interface card, a 3 meter interface cable, and a PXI-Express interface card. Individual kit components may be purchased separately for spares or to meet your specific requirements.


  • Remote control of PXIe chassis
  • Remote control of cPCIe chassis