Universal Armament Test Set

  • Intermediate-Level testing of AMRAAM Launchers (LAU-115, LAU-116, LAU-127, LAU-128, & LAU-129), Maverick Launchers (LAU-117 & LAU-88), Sidewinder Launchers (LAU-7), Paveway Kits (MAU-169), and NASAMS Launchers
  • Depot-Level testing of AMRAAM, Maverick, and Sidewinder launchers and Paveway subassemblies and circuit cards
  • Depot-Level testing of all F/A-18 armament assemblies and subassemblies including launchers, racks, and pylons
  • Full parametric test with troubleshooting
  • Built-in-test, self-test, and automated calibration


The TS-217A is an I-level and Depot-level Universal Armament test system supporting missile launchers including the LAU-115, LAU-116, LAU-127, LAU-128, and LAU-129 (AMRAAM), LAU-117 and LAU-88 (Maverick), and LAU-7 (Sidewinder) missile launchers, launcher electronic assemblies, launcher power supplies, and circuit cards. The TS-217A is also used as a depot-level tester for F/A-18 armament including launchers (LAU-127, LAU-7, LAU-115, and LAU-116), bomb racks (BRU-32), and aircraft pylons (SUU-62 and SUU-63). Additionally, the TS-217A supports MAU-169 Paveway kits, subassemblies, and circuit cards. The TS-217A performs full parametric functional testing as well as troubleshooting to the faulty LRU (I-Level configuration) and SRU (Depot-Level configuration) level. The TS-217A can be used as an I-Level tester or as a Depot / Acceptance tester for launcher subassemblies.


The design of the TS-217A is based on the PXI technology. The TS-217A also employs GPIB instruments for power and audio functions.

Test Selection Screen
Test Selection Screen

The TS-217A utilizes an advanced ATEasy® test executive. Full touch screen menu-driven control eliminates operator’s errors or the need for a keyboard or a mouse. From the Main Menu, the user has easy access to setup, testing, and utilities.

Setup, Testing, and Utilities Menu
Setup, Testing, and Utilities Menu

BIT, Self-Test, and Calibration

The TS-217A includes a Power-Up BIT that performs a health check on all subsystems and verifies calibration validity on power-up. An extensive self-test program verifies that test set hardware is operational and meets the specifications using a Self-Test Adapter. An automated calibration procedure employs a calibration adapter to minimize calibration down-time and ensure tester accuracy.

 Power-Up BIT Screen
Power-Up BIT Screen

Data Collection

During testing, the TS-217A collects all test data and stores it in a test log. The test log contains general information such as date, time, operator’s name, UUT part numbers, software version, and actual test data, limits (tolerances), and descriptions of all tests. Test data is saved automatically and can be used later for trend analysis and/or printed at the end of the test.

TS-217 Test Log View Screen
Test Log View Screen

Compatibility and Future Growth

As a universal mixed signal test set, the TS-217A can be upgraded to test additional launchers or armament products. It offers support for MIL-STD-1760 munitions and can also include a WMUX-194 interface to support testing of F-16 Stores Management System (SMS) assemblies.