New Product

General Purpose Automatic Test System

  • Production Test Set for Electronic Systems/Subsystems
  • PXI-based architecture offers compact footprint, open architecture, and expandability
  • DC Electronic Loads
  • Auxiliary Interface Panel
  • Universal Receiver Interface
  • Master Control Panel with Emergency Power-Off
  • Multiple DC Unit Under Test (UUT) Power Sources
  • ATEasy Integrated Development Environment and Test Executive


The TS-381/A Automated Test Stations use an array of test equipment to configure, control, and evaluate customer supplied electronic subassemblies and assemblies. Testing is performed under the control of an ATEasy test development and test executive program which provides the testing, display and printout of test results.

Programming and Software

ATEasy operator interface provides an efficient method for conducting pre-programmed customer developed functional tests of the customer supplied Unit Under Test (UUT). Additionally, ATEasy software provides customer test engineers with the efficiency and speed of a high-level programming language to develop the Unit Under Test UUT test program and any additional test programs developed in the future.

The TS-381/A provides a depot-level method for test and/or acceptance of the customer selected UUT. The operational configuration provides a broad range of test capabilities for the assemblies. Test logs that display detailed test or summary results for instant review on the monitor can also be printed. The test logs are also automatically saved to a Test Log directory. The test data provides information for a test engineer or trained technician to analyze the symptoms, isolate the malfunction, and determine the corrective action to be taken to restore the tested unit to proper operation. This action may extend to replacement and/or repair of faulty assemblies or components.


  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Production Test
  • Data Acquisition
  • Process Control
  • Scientific Applications
  • Industrial Systems

Test Resources

  • PXI Smart Chassis
  • 4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
  • 1 GHz Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
  • 100 MS/s AWG w/Waveform Sequencer
  • 6½ Digit Digital Multimeter
  • 128-Channel Scanner/Multiplexer
  • 25-Channel SPDT Relay Card
  • 224-Channel TTL Static Digital I/O Card
  • Electronic Load - 1200 W
  • Electronic Load - 1800 W
  • Power Supply, 60V, 55A, 3300 W
  • Power Supply, 300 V, 11 A, 3300 W
  • Power Supply, 60V, 12.5A, 750 W
  • ATEasy Test Executive and Development Studio