TS-700 Series

GENASYS Benchtop Preconfigured Functional Test Platform

  • Preconfigured, cost effective, functional test solutions for analog, digital, mixed signal and avionics applications
  • Core system includes a high density interface supporting card and box level products
  • Compact platform - ideal for bench top test or rack mount configurations
  • PXI architecture accommodates both 3U and 6U modules
  • Customizable test solutions without the custom price and delivery time
  • 3U/6U PXI Instrument


The GENASYS Benchtop Series is a preconfigured, modular test platform that addresses a range of analog, digital, mixed-signal, and avionics test needs. Based on the GX7102A PXI platform, the TS-700 series of testers offers test engineers a preconfigured, compact, 3U/6U system which includes all of the required functionality needed to support the development of a functional test application including a system self-test and a high pin count tester interface. When you receive your TS-700 system, it is “application ready” from day one - allowing you to focus on developing your application rather than developing the test system which means you will spend less time developing and deploying your application. Each TS-700 model can be customized for your specific application by incorporating over 10 different standard analog, digital, and communication test resources. The TS-700 platform is supplied with ATEasy® software, which provides an integrated and complete test executive and test development environment, allowing users to quickly develop and easily maintain test applications.

The TS-700 Core System

The core system includes the following test resources and capabilities:
  • GX7102A 14-slot, PXI chassis with (6) 6U and (7) 3U peripheral slots
  • 960 pin, high density, zero insertion force, iCON style UUT interface providing access to all core and optional system resources
  • Embedded controller with a Windows OS
  • Analog / Digital PMC module offering 8 general purpose differential analog inputs, 4 analog outputs, and 8 general purpose digital I/O lines which can be used as adapter ID inputs or for other static digital applications

TS-700 Digital Options

Both static and dynamic digital test instrumentation is supported by the TS-700 platform. Digital instrumentation options include:
  • GX5280 or GX5290 series digital cards, supporting vector rates up to 200 MHz and up to 96 channels
  • GX5733 - a high density, static I/O card, supporting up to 128 digital I/O channels

TS-700 Analog and Switching Options

Analog source, measure, and switching options for the TS-700 system include:
  • GX2065 6½ digit DMM
  • GX6377 multi-function switch card
  • GX1110 Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator
  • GX2472 Dual Channel Digitizer
  • GTX2200 series Counter / Timer
  • GX1838 precision multi-channel DC source
  • GX7400A dual output, programmable power supply
  • GX6616 high density matrix card
  • Gx6315 high current relay card
  • GX6384 switch matrix (replaces GX6377)
Each instrument or switch option includes a receiver / module cable as well as any necessary cables within the self test adapter to support the system self test. In addition, each instrument is supplied with plug & play drivers as well as an interactive UI for programming and control of each instrument.

Test System Interface

The TS-700 test system interface employs a unique design approach which allows customization of the system using any of the platform’s standard instrument options, without incurring the cost and design time typically associated with a customized functional test system. Each instrument option includes a receiver / module mating cable which makes it easy to configure or change the test system’s module configuration. The resulting benefit for the end user is a test system that is cost effective and easily configured for a specific application(s), using using off-the-shelf components and modules. In addition, an optional iCON interface connector can be installed, providing additional interconnects to other system resources within the PXI chassis or to external resources such as GPIB instrumentation. This connector can be configured for power, signal or coaxial connections - providing the user with a range of options for supporting additional types of instrumentation.

System Self-Test

Each TS-700 system is delivered with a system self test which includes an interactive self-test software procedure as well as a self-test adapter. The self-test verifies functional integrity of the system and resource connections to the test system interface.

TS-700 Configurations

A range of TS-700 models are available with each model easily customized for a specific application by incorporating one or more of the standard TS-700 instrument options. Additionally, the platform can be futher customized by incorporating 3U or 6U PXI / cPCI modules.

Test System ModelApplications
Basic Core System
Base system which can be fully customized for specific applications
System includes a GX2065 DMM and a GX6377 multi-function swtich module
Basic Functional Test Platform
Low cost, basic analog / digital functional test applications.
Functional Test Platform with Boundary Scan
Basic functional and structural test applications. CPLD and flash programming
Mixed-Signal Test Platform
Performance analog and digital test capabilities
Digital Test Platform
Performance digital test, supports up to 128 channels, 200 MHz vector rate
Commercial Avionics Test Platform
Analog and digital test support for LRU / SRU assemblies. ARINC 429 support.
Military Avionics Test Platform
Analog and digital test support for LRU / SRU assemblies. MIL-STD 1553A / B support


GBATS Best in Test Finalist 2010