Terminate an ATEasy software License

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Summary Instructions on terminating an ATEasy software license.
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To terminate the software license:

1.   Launch ATEasy (for single license) or the ATEasy License Server at the server (for network license).
2.   For ATEasy, click Help from the toolbar and then click About. For the license server open the About dialog by clicking on the icon in the Windows task bar.
3.   When the About dialog box appears, press: CTRL+ALT+SHFT+K (be sure to press and hold the first three keys before pressing the K key)

Pay special attention to the following Steps:

4.   A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the termination of the key.  Click Yes.
5.   DO NOT click OK when the next dialog box appears with a string of characters. Write down the Termination Code string of characters appearing on the dialog box. You will need this string of characters later. You can also take a screen capture (Alt+Screen Capture keys, paste to MS Paint, Save).
6.   Click OK.
7.   Close ATEasy.
8.   Log into M@GIC.
9. Post the Termination Code string of characters you wrote down in Step 5 (or screen capture) to a new or existing incident as proof of license termination.

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Article Date 2/1/2005 , 9/21/2021
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