How to obtain ATEasy Single License or a Trial License Extension

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Summary How to find the ATEasy Computer ID, How to install the license for GT8000-SL / ATEasy with software license.
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ATEasy® single license (GT800-SL) can be set up from the ATEasy License Setup dialog box. This dialog is displayed either when starting ATEasy with no license or trial license expired, or from the About ATEasy menu item under the Help menu.

If you do not have a license, you can activate a 30-day trial version of the ATEasy software.

The trial license contains full ATEasy functionality for 30 days. You are allowed one 30-day trial period on the computer on which you install ATEasy.

Follow these steps to setup an ATEasy Single license:

Install ATEasy using the ATEasy Setup program.
  • Start ATEasy.
  • Open the ATEasy License Setup dialog box.
  • Select Install Single License from the License Type list. An ATEasy Computer ID is displayed in the bottom field. The ATEasy Computer ID is used to identify the machine where the license is installed.

ATEasy License Setup Dialog|
  • With the ATEasy Computer ID and the ATEasy Serial Number (located on the outside of the CD case or on your purchase order), create a new support incident using your M@gic ( user account to obtain a license string or file. You will need to paste both Serial Number and the ATEasy Computer ID to the incident. You can start using ATEasy by activating the trial version until you receive the license string or file.
  • Once you receive an email with the license string, open the ATEasy License Setup dialog box again.
  • Select Install Single License from the License Type list.
  • Type or paste in the ATEasy License String or select the license File. Click OK.

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