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Geotest Announces Industry-Leading High-Performance PXI-based Digital Subsystem for Board and Semiconductor Test

Irvine, Calif. (September 13, 2010) – Geotest today announced the GX5960, a new PXI-based digital subsystem that features the most advanced digital instrumentation features available in the PXI format. Based on the EADS  T964 architecture and offering equivalent functionality as well as additional capabilities, the GX5960 features programmable high-voltage pin electronics (-10 V to +15 V), a high-performance timing generator/sequencer supporting a 50 MHz vector rate, and  256 time sets with 1ns per pin timing resolution. The compact 6U form factor offers a cost effective, compact form factor without sacrificing performance for dynamic digital test applications.

“The GX5960 resets the bar on performance and value for PXI digital instrumentation with its flexible timing generator, high voltage pin electronics and per pin architecture,” said Loofie Gutterman, president of Geotest. “Compared to previous generation card modular digital instruments, the GX5960 offers more features and capbilities at a price that is 50% less than competing products.”
The GX5960 also offers a per-channel parametric measurement unit (PMU) and analog bus access for each I/O channel – allowing each channel to support hybrid (digital or analog) measurement capabilities. The system supports as many as 528 bi-directional I/O channels and provides 256K of vector memory. The GX5960 is offered with a full featured API and user interface for a variety of software development environments including ATEasy, C, Visual BASIC, COM, and LabVIEW.  A full featured waveform editor and display tool is also supplied with the instrument. Additionally, Geotest offers several software migration tools for re-hosting and migrating legacy digital test programs to the GX5960 subsystem.


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