Test Connections - January 2011

Put ATEasy Training on Your Staff's Calendar

Are your test engineers and programmers tired of long development cycles, struggling to integrate incompatible components into their test applications, and cumbersome application maintenance?

You may already know that ATEasy's open-architecture, rapid application development framework is the solution to all these problems. But do you also know that Geotest offers comprehensive in-house or on-site training for your engineers who use ATEasy?

A typical training session lasts three days and covers all the tools and features of ATEasy as well as development of applications using the platform. And best of all, it's available at your request and scheduled at your convenience.

What do you get?
According to Dale Johnson, Geotest customer technical support manager, the class is a mixture of lecture and hands-on programming exercises. After introducing a new topic, the instructor leads the students in a programming exercise that lets them apply that new information in a structured environment.

The instructor is available to answer questions and assist in resolving coding or other types of problems. Over the course of the class, students complete twelve different exercises ranging from how to start ATEasy and create a new project to how to create subroutines and graphical forms, to creating a working test executive application with a graphical user interface.

Who will benefit?
Johnson says the typical person requesting training is a test engineer or test programmer who is new to the ATEasy environment. Programming experience varies from those with little or no experience (hardware engineers and novice programmers) to very experienced programmers (software engineers and senior test engineers), and anything in between.

Students come away with knowledge of the structure of an ATEasy application and the benefits that this structure provides in the form of test program code that is organized, easy to reuse and easy to maintain. They learn:
Want to try ATEasy before you buy? No problem.

Download your free 30-day evaluation today.

This is not a "starter" version, but a full-featured edition of ATEasy that will give you real insight into how much ATEasy can improve your test development process.
  • Structure of an ATEasy test application
  • The ATEasy programming language and syntax
  • How to communicate with test and measurement equipment using ATEasy driver
  • How to create their own drivers for their unique test equipment
  • Writing test applications
  • Creating User Interface to your application
  • Using and customizing the test executive
And finally, students learn how to integrate all of their test programs within a high-level test executive to provide the end user with an intuitive, robust, yet customizable test application.

If you need more …
The goal of the training is to expose students to as many aspects of ATEasy as possible. However, much about using ATEasy depends on the actual application. Therefore, it's difficult to structure a class to cover all permutations of how the ATEasy platform will be used.

That's why Geotest offers two-day training extensions that you can customize to your organization's particular needs. Typical training extensions cover how to write test programs on a test system that Geotest has delivered to the customer, but could include how to write drivers for specific pieces of test equipment. Or you may ask for help in writing your first couple of test programs to help shorten the learning curve.

If you'd like to see how we can bring you up to speed with ATEasy or to customize a training session that meets your needs, visit Geotest online or contact your regional sales representative.

You can also view ATEasy videos and tutorials to learn more about the product.