Test Connections - June 2020

GX3788 - High-Performance, FPGA Multi-Function PXI Card

The GX3788 is a user configurable, FPGA-based, 3U PXI multi-function card which supports digital and analog test capabilities. The card employs the Altera Stratix III FPGA which features over 45,000 logic elements and 1.836 Kb of memory. The GX3788 is based on the GX3700 FPGA card and includes an integral daughter board which provides 8 differential input, 16-bit, 250 KS/s A to D converters and 8 16-bit, 1 MS/s, D to A converters.

The module's FPGA is pre-programmed, providing access to all digital and analog functions. Alternatively, users can program or modify the FPGA , allowing the user to adapt the module to their own specific test needs. The design of the FPGA is done by using Altera’s free Quartus II Web Edition tool set.

Once the user has compiled the FPGA design, the configuration file can be loaded into the FPGA directly or via an on-board EEPROM. The GX3788 is also available in a ruggedized and conformally-coated version (GX3788-M) for use in harsh environments.

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