Test Connections - June 2020

Testing mmWave Devices as Designed – at Highest Possible Throughput

New TS-960e-5G
Marvin Test Solutions has introduced the TS-960e-5G, designed for production probing of 28 GHz to 44 GHz silicon wafers for 5G beamforming devices.

The system combines the MTS production test interface with the compact, PXI-based TS-960e benchtop test platform and features the ability to direct-dock to an Opus 3 wafer prober.

The core system is Marvin Test Solutions’ 21-slot PXIe chassis and incorporates Keysight’s PXIe-based, VNA instrumentation – a standard in mmWave testing.

The modular system can provide the required number of VNA ports for production testing of mmWave devices and offers the highest throughput possible. This no-compromise test solution provides the same functionality and test commands used on Keysight instruments in mmWave labs today.

The PIB (Prober Interface Board) supports up to 50 GHz performance using available advanced mmWave probe solutions. The system can also support multi-site, packaged device testing for X4 or X8 production test configurations.

Industry Leading Test Throughput  with Expandable Multi-Port mmWave Test Capabilities
The TS-960e-5G provides the highest production throughput in the industry with under 15 seconds test time required for comprehensive characterization of single  or multi-site device testing. The use of Keysight VNAs offers dedicated mmWave ports per device versus shared ports - a configuration that is typical of large scale ATE (2-4 ports max) and which results in test times exceeding 1-2 minutes.

  • Compact test system at 24” D x 22” W x 17” H
  • Interface to Opus3 and TEL probe stations
  • Interface to Seiko Epson E8040, E8080 Device Handler
  • Supports Keysight M9808 (53 GHz), M9807 (44 GHz) VNA – up to 20 ports available
  • 128 Channels of 125 MHz Digital I/O, multi-channel SMU, Windows 10 Controller
  • MTS mmWave Production Test Interface
  • Test times measured in seconds vs. minutes for single site and multi-site test with multi-port VNA mmWave Test

The TS-960e-5G is priced under $300,000 for a 2-port (mmWave) system. Details including system specifications are available here, or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.