Test Connections - April 2021

GENASYS Semi Series Sees Increasing Industry Adoption

From engineering to production test
The 5G semiconductor device industry is evolutionary and fast-moving. Production test requirements often lag the engineering and development phases, but Marvin Test Solutions bridges the gap, delivering GENASYS Semi solutions for RF/MW and mmWave 5G applications which are currently operating on factory floors of leading device manufacturers in San Jose and San Diego, CA, as well as Phoenix, AZ.

MTS leads the way
MTS has led the way in test for 5G semiconductor device test, delivering its first production test system for 5G beamforming devices in a quad-site production configuration supporting test frequencies up to 50 GHz in 2019, and continues to innovate with customer-centric solutions for wafer probe and package test that ensure laboratory performance with high throughput.

Current 5G test applications include:
  • Production testing of 5G Beamforming components up to 39 GHz
  • Production testing of smaller RF and mmWave  components 2 GHz to 30 GHz
  • OID (optical interface devices) testing up to 50 GHz
  • Military testing of RF and mmWave components

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