Test Connections - April 2021

SmartCan Empowers 21st Century Maintenance

21st century warfare
Services have been developing 21st century warfare concepts over the past decade to keep up with the high end fight. Terms such as Flightline of the Future, Agile Combat Employment (ACE) and Rapid Software Development (RSD) have been flying around with much R&D being applied.

Empowering 21st century maintenance
Here at Marvin Test Solutions we’ve been developing to this drum beat for a decade internally creating solutions for modern and future warfare. The MTS-3060A SmartCan™, one such solution, has revolutionized the way maintainers conduct flightline armament test around the world. Capabilities found within this test set have created the ability to not only conduct aircraft weapons station test in a fraction of the current time, but also collect and store parametric test data allowing advanced predictive maintenance analysis.
MTS-3060A SmartCan

Test commonality, easily deployable
A single SmartCan also contains the capability to test every aircraft within a fleet, and now even test many ground based applications, such as aerial defense systems. All this capability is package in a 4 pound handheld test set, with all required cables fitting neatly into a single mobile Pelican™ case, enabling quick transportation to the most remote locations of need.

Flightline Test

SmartCan is the first true agile, full system active test set reducing the overall logistics footprint for any customer, empowering 21st century maintenance in any future combat scenario.