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Programmable 50 MHz Waveform Synthesizer - Wavetek 178 Compatible

  • 100% Form-Fit-Function compatibility with Wavetek 178 Programmable Waveform Synthesizer
  • Generates sine, square, triangle, ramps, haversine, havertriangles, AM (sine), and DC waveforms
  • Frequency range from 1 µHz to 50 MHz
  • National Stock Number: 6625-01-550-0545
  • AFMETCAL procedure available


The GP1665W is a direct drop-in replacement solution for the obsolete Wavetek 178 waveform synthesizer. The GP1665W is a programmable instrument capable of generating sine, square, triangle, ramps, pulse, and haverwaves from 1 µHz to 50 MHz. The firmware is customized for the Wavetek 178 command set. Test applications using the Wavetek 178 require no code modification when upgrading to the GP1665W.


The GP1665W can operate in a trigger, gate, or burst generator mode at levels up to 20 VPP. It is synthesized to 8 digits in all modes. The main generator produces the sine and square waves, as well as triangles, ramps, pulses, and haverwaves at reduced frequencies.

The internal sweep generator varies the main generator frequency linearly or logarithmically between start and stop frequencies. It operates in triggered, gated, hold at start, and hold at stop modes. It also has 10 programmable frequency markers to show critical frequencies within the sweep. The sweep generator can trigger the main generator to produce pulses with a 10 µs to 10 min repetition rate and 5 µs to 5 pulse width.

The GP1665W can be phase locked by using an external reference input to lock the reference source. This allows the synthesizer to operate as a variphase generator with phase offset in 0.01° increments.

The generator's output level into a 50 ohm load can be programmed from 1 mV to 20 VPP with 3 digits resolution. DC offset can be programmed over a range of ±10 V. The GP1665W also has two external inputs for phase-amplitude-modulation. If phase modulated, the main generator varies ±360° at frequencies above 500 kHz. With amplitude modulation, the output can be modulated up to 200%.


  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Component Analysis
  • Communication Signals
  • Process Control
  • Sonar