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Calibration & Verification Software for MTS Instrumentation

  • Supports automated calibration and verification of Marvin Test Solutions instrumentation
  • Includes driver support for standards instrumentation required for verification and calibration
  • Supports instrument driver interchangeability allowing replacement of the supplied standards drivers with any compatible standards instrument
  • Supports creation of customized calibration certificates, Automatic generation of calibration log
  • Multiple operation modes supports verification only or combined verification / calibration


CalEasy is a full-featured, Calibration Executive software package that supports the verification and calibration of Marvin Test Solutions instruments. The software is intended for use by users that prefer to perform  in-house calibration and verification for their Marvin Test Solutions instruments. By calibrating or verifying the instrument  in-house, the time and cost associated with returning an instrument to Marvin Test Solutions for calibration service can be eliminated or reduced.

CalEasy is also used internally by Marvin Test Solutions production to perform initial calibration and to recalibrate the instrument when received for service. This ensures that user and factory based calibration performance is similar. Depending on the specific instrument, standards instrumentation supported for calibration / verification includes a DMM, and a frequency standards module. Some modules require the use of matrix switch card.  

CalEasy's driver architecture supports the use of alternate standards instrumentation as well. New standards drivers can be developed using external development environments that can support the creation of DLLs.


CalEasy uses instrument standards to perform calibration and calibration verification. CalEasy’s instrument drivers are called Standards and are interchangeable - allowing the user to employ different instruments from different manufacturers. To provide interchangeability, CalEasy uses a DLL with a predefined instrument interface (functions/API) for each driver type. Each calibration program requires certain functions and capabilities to perform calibration and for each function, the user must supply a DLL that supports the required functional interface. If you choose to use your own instrument, you can create a DLL driver for your standard instrument and configure CalEasy to use your driver. New drivers can be written using the ATEasy software development environment or with any other development environment including C/C++, Visual Basic, LabView or any other language that supports the creation of DLLs. CalEasy is supplied with samples for several instrument drivers created in ATEasy.

CalEasy supports several calibration run modes:
  • Verify only: In this mode no calibration is done. The instrument is only verified to its original specification and the result is printed to a test log.
  • Verify and Calibrate if required: In this mode verification is performed and if required (the verification task failed) the instrument is calibrated. If calibration is successful the instrument’s non-volatile memory is modified with the new calibration values and a calibration certificate is generated. Alternately, if the verification is OK the instrument’s non-volatile memory is modified with the new calibration date but no new calibration values are written to the instrument and a certificate is generated.
  • Calibrate Always: In this mode no initial verification is performed. The calibration task is performed and the certificate is generated upon successful calibration


  • Verification of Marvin Test Solutions instruments
  • Re-calibration of Marvin Test Solutions instruments

Supported Instruments

  • GX1034
  • GX1110
  • GX1120
  • GX1164
  • GX1632e
  • GX1649
  • GX1838
  • GX2065
  • GX3104
  • GX3116e
  • GX3348
  • GX3722
  • GX3748
  • GX3788
  • GX5055
  • GX5295
  • GX5296
  • GX5960 series (GX5961/GX5964)
  • GTX2200 Series