Installing, Upgrading and Acquiring ATEasy Software Licenses

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Summary How to install ATEasy single software licenses, similar procedure (offline activation only) can be performed when installing CalEasy, GTDIO6X-FIT, or other MTS products that require a license.
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The ATEasy® Test Executive And Development Studio provides several types of licenses to end users. This article will focus on installing or upgrading a  Single License, or installing or extending the 30-Day Trial License. Article was updated to ATEasy 10 156d to include Online activation.

ATEasy includes one 30-day license which can be used after first running the installation. During the 30-day license, ATEasy is fully functional with minimal limitation (the ability to create executables). After the 30-day license has expired, ATEasy will no longer be functional. A single software license or a 30-day license extension must be installed in order to continue using ATEasy.

Using the 30-days Trial/Evaluation License

  • Start ATEasy
  • If no license is currently installed, ATEasy will automatically bring up the License Setup dialog box when first started. The 30-day license can be selected.
ATEasy Trial 30 day License
  • If a license is currently installed (such as a 30 day license) and you need to extend the trial period or upgrade to a newer ATEasy version, then go to the Help File Menu and click on About ATEasy.... Proceed to the offline activation to request a 30 days extension trial license.

Opening the License Setup Dialog

The dialog is automatically opened when you start ATEasy with no license installed, or from the Tools, About ATEasy menu when you click on Set License button as shown here.
ATEasy About Dialog

Installation of a single software license using Online Activation

  • Open the License Setup dialog
  • Select Activate License Online
  • Enter your account information: email and password and the ATEasy Serial Number (displayed on your Sales Order or product DVD
ATEasy License Online Activation
  • Click OK to Activate. Note: the client must have access to* at all time on order to operate correctly.

Installation of a Single Software License Using Offline Activation

  • Open the License Setup dialog
  • Select Install Single License, Retrieve the 10 character ATEasy Computer ID.
ATEasy License Setup
  • Go to   and create a M@GIC incident to request the License String. If you need a 30-day extension license, include this request in the M@GIC incident post. Include the ATEasy Computer ID and your ATEasy Serial Number (printed on your Sale Order or CD) in the incident. A M@GIC account must be created before an incident can be created.

    The same process can be done If you need an upgrade to your current license, for example a license to upgrade from ATEasy version 8 to 9. The upgrade license is normally displayed under your M@GIC account under the licensing tab (so no incident needs to be created - just install the new version and type in the license displayed in M@GIC); however, if you can't see the license in your M@GIC account you will need to create an incident and request it.
Marvin Test Solutions MAGIC
  • Fill in the Licensed To and Organization fields with your name and company name.
  • Enter the License String received in the MAGIC incident into the License String/File field and click OK.
ATEasy License String

  • Note : The same offline activation process described above can be used when installing a single software license for other Marvin Test Solutions products such as CalEasy, WaveEasy, and GTDIO-FIT.

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Article Date 9/3/2015 , 6/1/2023
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