Installing, Upgrading and Acquiring ATEasy Software Licenses

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Summary How to install ATEasy single software licenses
The ATEasy® Test Executive And Development Studio provides several types of licenses to end users. This article will focus on installing or upgrading a  Single License, or installing or extending the 30-Day Trial License.

ATEasy includes one 30-day license which can be used after first running the installation. During the 30-day license, ATEasy is fully functional with minimal limitation (the ability to create executables). After the 30-day license has expired, ATEasy will no longer be functional. A single software license or a 30-day license extension must be installed in order to continue using ATEasy.

Installation of a single software license

  • Start ATEasy
  • If no license is currently installed, ATEasy will automatically bring up the License Setup dialog box when first started. The 30-day license can be selected.
ATEasy Trial 30 day License
  • If a license is currently installed (such as a 30 day license) and you need to extend the trial period or upgrade to a newer ATEasy version, then go to the Help File Menu and click on About ATEasy.... Proceed to the rest of the steps in this article to install a single license or 30-day license extension. Click on Set License... to bring up the License Setup dialog
ATEasy About Dialog
  • Retrieve the 10 character ATEasy Computer ID.
ATEasy License Setup
  • Go to   and create a M@GIC incident to request the License String. If you need a 30-day extension license, include this request in the M@GIC incident post. Include the ATEasy Computer ID and your ATEasy Serial Number (printed on your Sale Order or CD) in the incident. A M@GIC account must be created before an incident can be created.

    The same process can be done If you need an upgrade to your current license, for example a license to upgrade from ATEasy version 8 to 9. The upgrade license is normally displayed under your M@GIC account under the licensing tab (so no incident needs to be created - just install the new version and type in the license displayed in M@GIC); however, if you can't see the license in your M@GIC account you will need to create an incident and request it.
Marvin Test Solutions MAGIC
  • Fill in the Licensed To and Organization fields with your name and company name.
License Setup
  • Enter the License String received in the MAGIC incident into the License String/File field and click OK.
ATEasy License String

ATEasy will now run using the installed single license or 30-day extension license.

Note : The same process described above can be used when installing a single software license for other Marvin Test Solutions products such as CalEasy, WaveEasy, and GTDIO-FIT.

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