GP1552A Series

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Dual Channel, 50 MHz Programmable Pulse Generator - HP 8160/HP 8160A, Wavetek 859 Compatible

  • 100% Form-Fit-Function compatibility with Hewlett Packard 8160/8160A (GP1552AH) and Wavetek 859 (GP1552AW)
  • IEEE-488.2 and SCPI compatible
  • NSN 6625-01-494-1049 (GP1552WR)


The GP1552A Series are stand-alone pulse generators that can be used as direct replacements for the obsolete HP 8160/HP 8160A (GP1552AH) and Wavetek 859 (GP1552AW) instruments. When used as a replacement for one of these obsolete products, existing test software does not need to be modified as the GP1552A operates and responds exactly as the product it replaces. The GP1552A supports both single and dual channel configurations for the HP8160/HP8160A and Wavetek 859 pulse generators.


Pulse design and programming are simple and straightforward using the GP1552A Series’ menu-driven front-panel interface. Character mnemonics on the clear, graphic LCD display describe each function or parameter selected, with programmed values and units of measure displayed. Error detection and LED indicators contribute to fast, problem-free operation.

Up to 99 (49 for the W version) front-panel settings can be stored and recalled for convenient local operation. This feature simplifies test sequence development and can eliminate the need for a controller in repetitive tests, greatly reducing bus traffic in automated test applications. The last user setup is also retained at power down.

The GP1552A Series features pulse widths from 10 ns to 10 sec and delays from 0 ns to 10 sec with up to 6 digits of resolution. Output levels are adjustable from –20 V to +20 V, with pulse amplitudes from 0.5 V to 10 VPP into a 50 Ω load. The pulse generators also feature selectable complementary pulse and double pulse generation in continuous, triggered, gated, and counted burst modes. The GP1552A series allows selection of predefined amplitude levels for TTL, CMOS or ECL signals, or a custom amplitude level for a specialized application. Input/Output connections include signal and sync output, as well as triggering, gating and external width input.

For operation flexibility, variable transitions (rise and fall times) can be programmed from 5 ns to 25 ms, within six ranges. Various pulse shapes can be obtained for applications where parameters such as linearity, switching times, or reflection times must be analyzed. Operational amplifier slew rates can be measured, or thresholds of devices and circuits can be tested using programmable rise and fall times.

With the GP1552A Series pulse generators, superior timing and amplitude accuracies are achieved through internal calibration, which is performed automatically whenever the parameter settings are changed. Internal calibration can also be selected from the front panel menu or via a GPIB command.


  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Avionics testing
  • Radar testing