GX1164 Series

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Programmable Resistor PXI Board

  • 4 or 8 Programmable Resistor channels
  • Multiple configurations available for range and resolution
  • On-Board EEPROM for storing application specific calibration data
  • Hybrid slot compatible


The GX1164 is a 3U PXI programmable resistor module with 4 channels of 16 resistors each or 8 channels of 8 resistors each. The module is available in various resistance ranges and resolutions. When used in the 4-channel configuration, each channel can simulate resistances with the following ranges:
  • 0.25 Ω to 16 kΩ
  • 0.5 Ω to 32 kΩ
  • 1 Ω to 64 kΩ
  • 2 Ω to 128 kΩ
  • 4 Ω to 256 kΩ
  • 8 Ω to 512 kΩ


The GX1164 can be used in multiple configurations including an 8 channel,  4 channel, two channel, 1 channel or 2 channel potentiometer with wiper configuration.
The GX1164 includes an on-board EEPROM that contains calibration data. The EEPROM can also be used to "personalize" the GX1164 for custom resistance ranges and resolutions.

Programming and Software

The board is supplied with the GXPRES software, a software package that includes a virtual instrument panel, and a Windows 32/64-bit DLL driver library and documentation. The virtual panel can be used to interactively program and control the instrument from a window that displays the instrument’s current settings and status. In addition, interface files are provided to support access to programming tools and languages such as ATEasy, LabView, LabView/Real-Time, C/C++, Microsoft Visual Basic®, Delphi, and Pascal. An On-Line help file and PDF User's Guide provides documentation that includes instructions for installing, using and programming the board.
A separate software package - GtLinux - provides support for Linux 32/64 operating systems.


  • ATE systems
  • Event timing measurements
  • Sensor simulation and emulation
  • Automated calibration and alignment