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Knowledge base articles covering topics such as integration of Marvin Test Solutions products, new functionality, and frequently asked questions. Articles cover PXI Instruments, ATEasy software, LabView integration, etc. and should be a first stop for anyone with questions.

Next Generation Armament Test - A Former USAF Armament Maintainer's Perspective

This white paper explores the challenges facing today's armament maintainer as new weapon systems enter service, and shows how innovative solutions are changing the armament test paradigm.

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Feb 2, 2021

Multisite Digital Test System Design

The following article discusses the relative merits of two types of multi-site digital semiconductor test system designs. This article focuses on using GtDio6x and ATEasy software packages to program and control PXI GX5960 series or the GX5296 digital IO boards. Read more...


Nov 6, 2020

Adding Custom Commands to ATEasy Test Executive

Although the Test Executive included with ATEasy already provides a robust, feature-rich user interface with extensive data reporting, the ATEasy Test Executive is also flexible in its ability to add user defined commands that can easily be integrated into the existing test executive. Read more...


Nov 6, 2020

Cyber Security Features of ATEasy

ATEasy contains many native cybersecurity features to support secure test development Read more...


Sep 2, 2020

How to Support Multiple Languages User Interface in ATEasy

Article shows how to change the language for your ATEasy user interface (UI) by using an ATEasy DLL to implement different languages UI. The language of the user interface items such as forms can be changed dynamically while the application is running and based on a user selection. Once the language is selected the language User interface is loaded and used. Read more...


Jun 29, 2020

How to access the JTAG port on GX3500 and GX3700 series cards

This article will show you how to access the JTAG port on Marvin Test Solutions' GX3500 series and GX3700 series FPGA cards using Altera's USB Blaster. Read more...


Jun 10, 2020

Digital I/O Hardware Handshaking Using GX5280/GX5290 Series

This article demonstrates how to use GX5280/GX5290 Series external events as hardware handshakes to control test pattern execution Read more...


Jun 10, 2020

Using HW PXI/PCI Explorer Applet

This article explains the features and benefits of the PXI/PCI Explorer application included in the Marvin Test Solutions HW software package. The HW driver is provided with all MTS driver software packages and used by the driver DLLs to access the hardware.. Read more...


Jun 5, 2020

Adding TCP/IP-based LAN buffer Peek and Flush to ATEasy WinSock Functions

This article will show a simple ATEasy example showing how to peek and flush WinSock buffer data Read more...


May 29, 2020

Appending Multiple Digital Test Patterns to Reduce Test Time

The following article describes how to streamline a digital application by merging digital test patterns into one compressed file that can be loaded once and accessed for each digital test. The examples provided use the GtDio6x and ATEasy software packages to program and control PXI GX5960 series or the GX5296 digital IO boards. Read more...


May 1, 2020

How to Create a Support Incident, Request an RMA or Instrument Calibration

Procedure to create a support incident using MTS’s M@GIC online support for the purposes of requesting calibration on your MTS instruments or to request an RMA. Read more...

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