Test Connections - August 2020

MTS-235A Supports F-35 Armament Test

Production, Depot, and Intermediate Level F-35 Armament Test Set
The MTS-235A is a state-of-the-art, proven Production and Depot-Level test set supporting F-35 armament systems globally today. The MTS-235A Test Set was designed with the capabilities needed to serve as the F-35 Intermediate Level Armament Test Set in its portable, ultra-rugged, flightline and backshop qualified case.

The MTS-235A performs parametric functional tests on F-35 Alternate Mission Equipment (AME) including Launchers (iARL and eARL), Pylons (Air-to-Ground and Air-to-Air), associated subassemblies and adapters, with full support for MIL-STD-1760 assemblies and all  F-35 interfaces.

The system is currently in use for production testing of F-35 AME and repair by the Marvin Engineering Company,  a leader in F-35 AME manufacturing. The USAF is scheduled to begin depot operations in 2020 and the MTS-235A will be an integral part of that operation. The MTS-235A is ready for Intermediate-Level use if the F-35 adopts 3-Level maintenance.

Field Proven and Easy to Use
Test capabilities and ease-of-use features:
  • Removable, integrated LCD touch screen Remote Control & Display Unit (RCDU)
  • Ultra-rugged construction permits use in adverse environments found at home station and deployed.
  • Menu-driven design simplifies operation, reduces training time, and eliminates the need to refer  to cumbersome Tech Orders during operation. A menu-driven structure, developed using the cybersecure ATEasy® Test Executive and Development Studio, guides the user and creates an environment that virtually eliminates operator errors.
  • Cable detection is automatic and prevents connection errors.
  • Cables incorporate ‘connector savers’, prolonging the useful life of cables with sensitive contact types like twinax and coax.  Connector savers can be easily replaced without having to repair cables.
  • Add-on compressor unit available to conduct off-aircraft testing of BRU-67, BRU-68, and Air-to-Ground Pylon (AGP) pneumatics.

The design of the MTS-235A is based on the proven and widely fielded MTS-207 Ultra-rugged Test Set, deployed in over 20 countries providing the baseline architecture for the MTS-206 Maverick Field Test Set, MTS-209 Common Armament Test Set, AN/TSM-205B Hellfire System Test Set, and USAF’s PATS-70 and PATS-70A A-10C Test Sets. The ultra-rugged and modular PXI-based design of the MTS-207 ensures the flexibility and upgradeability needed to support current and future armament and munitions.

To learn more about the advanced features that streamline AME maintenance and sustainment for the F-35, view the product information and specifications on our website at www.marvintest.com.