Test Connections - August 2020

TS-900e-5G Series mmWave/5G Production Test System

Marvin Test Solutions’ TS-900e-5G Series mmWave test systems deliver proven performance up to 50 GHz. Two system configurations are available, offering users the option to select a system with PXIe and/or LXI instrumentation to suit their test requirements.

Both systems can be configured with up to 256 dynamic digital channels. The digital subsystem uses the GX5295 or the GX5296 - 3U PXI, 32 channel, 100/125 MHz digital I/O cards with per channel parametric measurement units (PMUs). A wide range of digital and analog instrument options can easily be incorporated into the TS-900e-5G systems for supporting both functional and DC parametric test capabilities. RF instrumentation options include the Keysight M9807 / M9808 PXIe VNA or the Rohde and Schwarz ZNBT40 LXI instruments.

Both systems offer a total of 20 PXI / PXIe peripheral slots which can accommodate additional digital and analog test resources. In addition, MTS offers a full suite of digital and parametric test capabilities as well as SPI/I2C interface support for controlling / monitoring the device under test (DUT).

TS-900e-5G Series
The TS-900e-5G incorporates high-performance PXIe RF instrumentation with a 53 GHz receiver interface for production or characterization of packaged or wafer test of mmWave devices. The TS900e-5G provides up to 20 independent 53GHz VNA ports, 256 digital I/O channels, and up to 16 device power supplies and can support quad-site production testing.

The manipulator/handler ready TS-900e-5G's compact footprint is the ideal test solution for production semiconductor OEMs, device verification, incoming inspection, wafer probing and packaging / test vendors needing a cost-effective, configurable mmWave test system.



For multi-site test applications requiring expanded port and instrumentation needs, the TS-900eX-5G offers an expanded digital and  RF port count and the option to incorporate both PXI and LXI instrumentation.



System software includes DIOEasy for digital waveform editing / display, ICEasy for device test development, and Marvin Test Solutions' ATEasy® which provides an integrated and complete test executive and test development environment, allowing users to quickly develop and easily maintain test applications.

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