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Test Executive and Development Studio

  • Software development environment and integrated, customizable Test Executive for execution, sequencing, debugging and fault analysis of tests
  • Comprehensive simulation capabilities accelerates test program development and deployment
  • User interface generation including form editor, event programming, menus, and controls
  • Open architecture supports external software and hardware interfaces: DLL and C header files, .NET, ActiveX, LabVIEW, Function Panel Drivers, IVI, GPIB, LXI (TCP/IP), VXI, USB, Serial and more
  • Built-in Application Builder generates royalty-free run-time executables (exe files), and libraries (dll files)
  • Cost-effective version (ATEasy-Lite) for OEM applications
Watch the following videos to learn more about ATEasy:

Getting Started with ATEasy
1 hour Overview of ATEasy presented by Ron Yazma, VP of Software Eng. Marvin Test Solutions.
60 MinutesRon Yazma,
VP of Software Engineering
Introduction to ATEasy X
Ron Yazma, VP of Software Eng. at Marvin Test Solutions introduces ATEasy X's new features and changes from v9.
50 MinutesRon Yazma,
VP of Software Engineering
Short Introduction to ATEasy
In this video we create a test application that uses 3 instruments (two PXI and one GPIB), we create tests and deploy it using the ATEasy Test Executive.
14 MinutesAmit Godbole,
Application Engineer
Simulating Test Programs and Systems with ATEasy
ATEasy 9 Simulation - Learn how ATEasy 9’s full-featured Hardware, Software and Unit Under Test Simulation mode can improve your productivity and shorten your time to test.
2.5 MinutesMarvin Test Solutions
N/AIntroduction to ATEasy - Recorded Webinar
In this video we introduce ATEasy's features and benefits. We describe the ATEasy framework and structure, demonstrate the test executive, and create a test application.
1 Hour and 8 MinutesDale Johnson,
Manager, CTS Group
ATEasy and LabView Integration
In this video we show how to integrate LabView code (VI) with an ATEasy application.
8 MinutesAmit Godbole,
Application Engineer
ATEasy and DSI Workbench Integration 1
Running ATEasy Test Executive, trasfering ATML test results to  DSI Workbench  and Using DSI Workbench to troubleshoot faults identified by ATEasy.
5 MinutesGeotest/DSI
ATEasy and DSI eXpress Integration 2
Populating ATEasy fault analysis and generating ATEasy condition files automatically with DSI eXpress diagnostics.
5 MinutesGeotest/DSI