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Knowledge base articles covering topics such as integration of Marvin Test Solutions products, new functionality, and frequently asked questions. Articles cover PXI Instruments, ATEasy software, LabView integration, etc. and should be a first stop for anyone with questions.

Sustainment Challenges and Approaches for Legacy ATE Systems

This paper examines the sustainment challenges test engineers face when tasked with keeping legacy ATE operational.

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Sep 2, 2020

How to Support Multiple Languages User Interface in ATEasy

Article shows how to change the language for your ATEasy user interface (UI) by using an ATEasy DLL to implement different languages UI. The language of the user interface items such as forms can be changed dynamically while the application is running and based on a user selection. Once the language is selected the language User interface is loaded and used. Read more...


Jun 16, 2016

Solution Spotlight: Cost Effective Functional Test Solutions with ATEasy

This article describes the benefits of ATEasy test management software for functional test ATE. Read more...


May 6, 2016

Solution Spotlight: Advanced Digital Testing Using PXI Instrumentation

This article demonstrates the advantages of the flexible, scalable PXI platform's open architecture hardware and software for semiconductor test. Read more...


Mar 11, 2016

Using the GX5296 to Emulate the SPI Bus

This article demonstrates how the rich feature set of the GX5296 PXI digital IO board can be used to write and read a SPI bus using GtDio6x Virtual Panel software and ATEasy development environment. Read more...


Jun 16, 2014

Getting Started with ICEasy

This article describes ICEasy add-on module used for Semiconductor test using Marvin Test Solutions DIO boards with PMU Read more...


Apr 16, 2014

Testing Multiple UUTs in ATEasy

ATEasy version 8.0 adds Multiple UUT testing feature – the ability to test Multiple Units Under Test, this article provides more information about multiple UUT testing using ATEasy. Read more...


Jan 16, 2013

Using MATLAB from ATEasy

This article provides an example project and an explanation of how to use MATLAB from ATEasy. Read more...


Nov 26, 2012

Calling Agilent VEE UserFunctions from ATEasy

This article provides an example project and an explanation of how to call existing VEE UserFunctions from ATEasy. Read more...


Apr 29, 2011

Accessing ATEasy Internal Classes from other programming languages

This article details a method for accessing an ATEasy Internal Object's methods and properties to be used in external programming environments (C++ and C# examples are provided). Read more...


May 19, 2010
White Paper

White Paper: ATEasy - Deployment Across the Organization

Considerations when developing an organizational-wide process for development, deployment and maintenance of ATEasy-based test systems across an organization. Read more...

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